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Making ‘learning content’ more effective

The Q-Sense AI-based system makes your content ‘intelligent’. We offer tools to create learning analytics, provide adaptive learning and unlock business information. You can use the Q-Sense tools with your existing products or create new propositions ‘powered by Q-Sense’. Read more about what Q can do for you.


The Team

Q-Sense is a specialized Edtech company. The core team exists of Paul Vermeulen (CEO), Meir Lebi (COO) and Amy Franken (Learning Solution Manager). A team with roots in education, learning technologies and educational publishing. Our methodology is applied and deployed with the help of our team of learning designers, software and UX experts. Our solution is supported by research conducted with the support of the big data and AI specialists in the BISS Institute, which is a collaboration between the Dutch Open University, Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd. Q-Sense is a privately-owned company based in The Netherlands at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

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Our services for ‘learning providers’

The Q-System’s cloud-based modular configuration supports full customization to ensure full compliance with our partner’s requirements. Our system is compatible with implementation and integration needs of educational publishers or corporate learning providers. All of our modules are compliant with the GDPR and industry security standards. The Q-Player, Q-Monitor and the Q-Planner provide user access to the Q-system various functions. The Q-Organizer, Performance Database and AI engine deliver behind scene services needed for the proper functionality of the Q-System.

In additional to the Q-Sense modules we offer cloud services, supporting your IT services and ‘smart content’ services, supporting your editorial team in metadata work. Next to that, we also offer consultancy on data/AI-supported learning solutions and how to grow your business.

Q-Sense has been implemented in market products. Recent use-cases include educational publishers in Europe and corporate learning in the manufacturing/ automotive sector in the Netherlands.

Big data and AI for learning and training

In today’s learning environment, personalization is no longer just a buzz word or hype. Building personal profiles of learners helps to provide better understanding of learners performance and behaviour patterns. Q-Sense’s tools are used to capture these patterns to enable early signalling and personalized interventions or recommendations to learners. Research  shows that this helps improve efficiency as well as bring down the costs of learning and reduce drop-outs. Q-Sense’s unique methodology is based on harvesting learner’s  information that enable us to build a detailed learner profile. The performance and behaviour profile is used to feed the Q-Monitor and the Q-Planner intervention modules. Using this data the Q-System optimizes the learning process. The Q-rules (algorithms) are applied to generate personalized alerts or recommendations and live adaptive content. The Q-system provides the tools to make this intelligence work with your products. Our open architecture tools link to any technical infrastructure and workflow in a non-disruptive way. Regardless of the organisational model and product, Q-Sense can make the learning process more effective and intelligent.

Licensing to empower your products

Q-Sense invests in long term relationships with educational publishers and corporate learning providers. We want to understand your evolution, ambitions and adapt our services and tools to make your business grow. The Q-Sense licence offers use of the Q-Engine as a cross-platform engine, private cloud-based and implemented as a secure system with open API’s allowing integration with third party systems. The modular architecture makes the Q-Sense Engine and the front-end applications, including the Q-Monitor, fully customizable and easy to implement. The Q-licence and the Q-team can help you make AI empower your products and services.

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